There were eight of us…

Abstract: There were eight of us on the way back and through the endless turns of the green mountains of Switzerland in a car the size of us and our luggage. No less and no more. On the way back in the green mountains enclosed between two skies. We drove in silence as if we were carrying the weight of the memories of the past 14 days with us. Something had changed in our silences, our words, and our looks. There was no longer any trace of the intense contraction of muscles that appeared in each of us at the beginning of this journey. And I thought that, rightly at the end of every journey, there is an opening and a sadness.


The articles in this journal edited by Georg Trogemann are the result of a PhD workshop on «The Poetics of Making» at Accademia Palazzo Ricci – European Academy for Music and Performing Arts, Montepulciano, from July 3 to 15, 2022. Featuring contributions on poetic making, meta tools, design, experience, perception, experimentation, aesthetic praxis, and critical thinking by Tobias Bieseke, Christian Heck, Steffen Mitschelen, Zahra Mohammadganjee, Christian Rust, Somayyeh Shahhoseiny, Georg Trogemann, and Natalie Weinmann.
Contributions by Tobias Bieseke, Konstantin Butz, Christian Heck, Karin Lingnau, Steffen Mitschelen, Zahra Mohammadganjee, Tiago Ive Rubini, Christian Rust, Somayyeh Shahhoseiny, Georg Trogemann, Natalie Weinmann.

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