Active Experience, Not Knowing and Unlearning
An Investigation of Alternatives for Methods in Design

Abstract: This article discusses systematic design methods, reflecting on whether they have worked in practice, and whether alternatives can be considered. For this purpose, the history of methodology in design and various opinions in this regard are reviewed. The article tries to show that the design process cannot be confined to an operating system that is predefined and sequenced, as many designers have shown. Furthermore, it describes three alternative approaches that are not necessarily far apart and can even be complementary. They articulate the precedence of intuition, not knowing, and active experience. The article focuses on the ideas of John Chris Jones, Bruce Archer, and Andrew Pickering.


In the MakingĀ (edited by Georg Trogemann und Konstantin Butz) is an interim report on a series of ongoing dissertation projects at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. The essays and experiments presented by nine doctoral candidates all deal with various questions of poiesis, that is, the forms of knowledge that become active when we make, create, invent, or produce something. While the authors come from different artisticcreative fields, their questions and topics reach deep into various scientific disciplines. This book offers a closer look at this transdisciplinary nexus and ist cultural implications. Contributions by Tobias Bieseke, Konstantin Butz, Christian Heck, Karin Lingnau, Steffen Mitschelen, Zahra Mohammadganjee, Tiago Ive Rubini, Christian Rust, Somayyeh Shahhoseiny, Georg Trogemann, Natalie Weinmann.

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